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This is a blog featuring reaction gifs, yay! It is maintained by April in her spare time when she remembers it exists. None of the gifs contained in this blog are of her creation unless otherwise stated. She tries to reblog from the original source, but if you see a gif you recognize as your own or a friend's, and it's not credited, please be kind and let her know and it will be fixed!! All gifs are tagged for your pleasure. Feel free to submit if you want! 。◕‿◕。

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Hello to my dearest followers! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

While thegifhat was originally started as a personal storage blog for reaction gifs (which consequently allowed me the excuse to never pay much attention), it has since garnered much more attention than I thought it would. I feel a tad guilty for neglecting it all of the time, so not only have I decided I’m going to try to be more active here, I’ve also decided to open up submissions!

I don’t really have any sassy gif wars with my twitter friends anymore but that doesn’t mean this blog has lost its sole reason for being. I’m working on a tags page in my spare time so that this blog will be much easier to navigate to find your perfect reaction gif for, but until then I ask that people bear with me.

Asks have also been officially opened too! I know when I first started posting here I was just hot-linking so a lot of the gifs don’t have any sources, so if you happen to notice there’s a gif here of yours (or a friend’s, etc.) then please tell me so people can be properly credited!

Thanks guys, let’s make something awesome together! ;)